Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the aim of the Maths in the Real-world collection of resources?

    A familiar question from pupils to maths teachers is:

    ‘Why do I need to understand this maths concept?


    When will I need to have this knowledge and understanding in my future life?

    It is not always easy to answer the question if the approach to delivering the numeracy curriculum is based predominantly on standard classroom maths exercises that are either worksheet or text book based.

    Over the last 8 years, LGfL has been working with specialist maths teachers to develop real world maths scenarios from KS 2 to 5 pupils to engage them in the world around them and help answer these two key questions.

  2. What types of real-world maths features?

    The resources seek to demonstrate to both teachers and pupils how maths is all around us and can be applied to both everyday situations as well as life and death situations.

    Maths is at the foundation of all our everyday lives and if pupils can embrace this, it will lead pupils towards a range of benefits relating to the world of work, better personal financial management, maintaining good health and also to help understand the complexity and interrelated aspects of the world around us.

    On the day that LGfL Launched the Viral Contagion resource, the BBC News featured a story about the outbreak of bird flu – a real life Viral Contagion! Parts of the Search and rescue resource was filmed with the UK Maritime Commander live in their operations centre with real life Search and Rescue operation occurring with coastguard specialist using maths to help locate and save people and vessels along the coastline and out at sea.

  3. Why do some of these resources encourage active learning activities, away from the standard maths classrooms?

    This resource is designed to challenge more traditional approaches to delivering the maths curriculum and is based on proved teaching methods that deliver excellent results for a wide range of learners. The material is structured to provided detailed guidance on how a teacher can approach integrating the ideas into their teaching.

    The resource also encourages secondary teachers to take their learning activities away from the maths department and into larger learning spaces to challenge who works with who, when and why.

  4. Are these resources mapped to the curriculum?

    There are on and offline search tools to help discover where each of the resources is mapped to the numeracy curriculum for Key Stage 2 to 5.

  5. Why are their integrated case studies within the resource?

    Case studies are featured within the resource to model, engage and inspire teachers to as to how to take learning out of a standard maths classroom context and show first-hand the benefits.

  6. How can I maximise these resources in my school?

    The resources are designed to be used in a variety of different ways depending on the context of the teacher and pupils being taught. For schools using learning platforms effectively, there are additional benefits to be gained through the real time tracking of maths activities and such interactive technology can really accelerate the pace of learning as demonstrated in the Boot Camp video case study.

  7. Can I receive direct support from LGfL in the use of these materials?

    LGfL Learning resource consultants are available to support learning activities linked to LGfL learning resources in school. If you would to organise a maths event in partnership with LGfL just contact to discuss your requirements.

Case studies

We encourage maths teachers to explore the potential of these real-world maths resources both in classrooms in timetabled maths lessons and also during special events organised beyond the confines of the normal timetable and away from a standard maths setting.

Taking students into the corridor to recreate the way a speed camera works using an iPhone, or booking the school hall to run a Stock Market Challenge across a year group can inject a new energy into the maths curriculum. In the lead up to exams, such changes can invigorate engagement for learners that need to understand why the maths they are studying is relevant to them and the world in which they live.

Examples of how Maths in the Real World resources have impacted positively on learners:

Maths in a real world context – live in your school

If you would like support to run a live Maths event in your school get in touch for equipment loan, curriculum and cloud platform support.

LGfL can support such activities for KS2 to KS5 learners and all at no extra cost to LGfL schools.

If you have an idea for a new real world maths resource or you would like to organise a multi school event with specialist support from LGfL just get in touch via

We are keen to develop the innovative use of technology within a real-world context for all learners regardless of age, stage and ability.

Learning Resource Trailers

These trailers have been created to engage, enthuse and excite learners about their maths lessons.

Why not show the trailer in advance of using the Maths in the real-world resources to build anticipation and excitement for your next maths lesson?