Case studies

We encourage maths teachers to explore the potential of these real-world maths resources both in classrooms in timetabled maths lessons and also during special events organised beyond the confines of the normal timetable and away from a standard maths setting.

Taking students into the corridor to recreate the way a speed camera works using an iPhone, or booking the school hall to run a Stock Market Challenge across a year group can inject a new energy into the maths curriculum. In the lead up to exams, such changes can invigorate engagement for learners that need to understand why the maths they are studying is relevant to them and the world in which they live.

Examples of how Maths in the Real World resources have impacted positively on learners:

Maths in a real world context – live in your school

If you would like support to run a live Maths event in your school get in touch for equipment loan, curriculum and cloud platform support.

LGfL can support such activities for KS2 to KS5 learners and all at no extra cost to LGfL schools.

If you have an idea for a new real world maths resource or you would like to organise a multi school event with specialist support from LGfL just get in touch via

We are keen to develop the innovative use of technology within a real-world context for all learners regardless of age, stage and ability.